App that leveraging AI establishes the creditworthiness of prospective tenants before they come in contact with landlords and facilitates matching room supply and demand

Artificial intelligence-based breast cancer screening offering precise and personalized analysis for fast and accurate results

Platform offering consumers a modular and comprehensive package of home services

Vascular surgery technology that through 3D bioprinting regenerates arterial vessels in a customized and affordable manner

Flexible study planner and personalized coaches that leverage AI to maximize student learning

Design of molecules as a technology platform for photopharmacology

AI software that analyzes and assesses linguistic and phonetic knowledge through an automated oral test guided by a voicebot

Solution that reduces revenue loss associated with space traffic management through a software-based operating model that can be embedded in satellites

New materials and devices to develop ultra-low-power green electronic components

HyperDart is a sustainable and reusable launch vehicle for small satellites capable of taking off from conventional runways that will provide unprecedented flexibility and responsiveness, democratizing access to space

Innovative vacuum gripping system for maintenance and decommissioning of old type and fourth generation graphite moderated nuclear reactors

Technology that improves the efficiency of wind turbines through an Active Flow Control system on the blades, reducing the cost of wind power generation LCOE

Sustainable dyeing process for wool, cotton and polyamide with food dyes that creates a positive impact for the environment, workers and end consumers

Smart endoscope with sensors and AI modules offering lesion detection, virtual biopsies, and 3D reconstruction

Software that uses AI and computer vision to enable caretakers to monitor the elderly and frail, in the context of private homes and nursing homes, alerting early in case of dangerous situations

Data aggregation and analysis platform to proactively prevent medical device malfunctions

Chips, inspired by how the brain works, that integrate AI to do edge computing where it is not possible today, without batteries, reducing power consumption and environmental impact

Reef creation project using discarded oyster and shellfish shells from industry to revitalize the marine ecosystem and combat the coastal erosion problem

Portable and adaptable robotic device for bilateral upper limb rehabilitation, ideal for children’s telerehabilitation

Software for numerical validation of the tritium breeding blanket, a basic component of nuclear fusion reactors under development in Europe and the U.S.

Automated AI platform for orthopedic surgery combining 3D reconstruction and support in preoperative planning

Photovoltaic tile composed of modular elements made of recycled plastic and photovoltaic laminates, providing total architectural integration

Distillate aging technology that accelerates without chemical compounds what happens in the cask

Solution to detect and resolve inefficiencies in the water network through an infrastructure for remote metering of consumption in symbiosis with the network of stores in the area

Artificial intelligence-based, easy-to-use, plug-and-play application for programming robots without code, which can be integrated into most robotics ecosystems