A mesh adaptation-based graphic engine for AR and VR reducing memory usage and preserving the details

Approxima! Innovative transcatheter approach for tricuspid + mitral valve therapy #TreatItRight

Innovative and sustainable treatment for the recovery of high-value products from biomass, derived from agro-industrial processing.

Urban last mile logistics ecosystem for high value-added and eco-friendly deliveries based on multimodality, distributed micro-hubs and IoT.

BRAIKER: laboratory-on-chip for multiple and fast biomedical analysis from blood, dedicated to brain trauma detection

Cold multijet printing process for metal parts: the use of electrostatic fields for new additive manufacturing paradigm.

An electronic nose makes it possible to diagnose prostate cancer and determine its aggressiveness early and noninvasively

Structural monitoring: fiber optics where other technologies fail. With us, fiber/structure interaction also becomes simple!

Seeing the invisible with the smartphone. Visible and infrared in one affordable sensor.

Novel MEMS magnetometers based on magnetic induced frequency shift for next generation Inertial Measurement Units.

GEL will enable online stores to access more than 25,000 pickup points with a single integration helping the development of ecommerce.

Have you ever dreamed of driving as if you were inside a video game? Today it is finally possible with HMDrive!

LAMP – open-source SoC with RISC-V ISA for R&D and education in security, energy optimization and IoT platform design.

Modular, prefabricated, recycled plastic, trenchless, relocatable bike lanes with electronics, sensors, grazing LEDs and IoT.

NEAR tube (New dEAd space fRee tracheal tube)

Self-reshaping endotracheal tube with low resistance and zero dead space for a safer and more effective mechanical ventilation

Customizable polymeric flakes for recovery of pollutants from contaminated fluids and/or chromatographic separation of biopharmaceuticals.

Innovation in energy upgrading of cities through building processes and Industry 4.0 for environmental sustainability

TEDIEL is development, production and marketing of innovative digital electronic products and services with high technological value.

Hybrid and customizable surface for architecture and design in concrete and 3D fabric, with texture/textile pattern retained

A digital data-driven dashboard for realtime, short- and long-term decision-making in the management and design of shared mobility services.

SmartFarmer is the next step in precision agriculture based on the integration of physical products and digital services