Switch2Product backs innovation, supporting innovative projects through a programme of technological validation and entrepreneurial acceleration.

All proposals that comply with the competition’s requirements will be assessed by the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) at Politecnico di Milano and by PoliHub.
The 90 best proposals will join the Switch2Product programme, and up to 25 proposals will enter the final phase.


Alumni and current students at Politecnico di Milano (studying for an undergraduate or Master’s degree, or taking a post-degree specialisation course), at POLIMI Graduate School of Management (MBAs and EMBAs) or at POLI.design​

PhD research students and researchers​

Teaching staff at Politecnico di Milano​

It is only possible to apply to S2P as a team made up of at least two people. The team may include members from outside of Politecnico di Milano, but at least one of the members must meet the listed requirements in relation to Politecnico di Milano.



  • Biomarkers & Diagnostic Tools
  • Carriers & Delivery Systems
  • Advanced & Digital Diagnostics
  • Innovative Care Management & digital Healthcare
  • Telehealth
  • AgeTech
  • Personal wellness and healthy lifestyle
  • Healthcare and hospital infrastructure
  • Energy generation
  • Energy distribution & storage
  • Energy efficiency & management
  • Smart mobility & infrastructure
  • Chemicals & advanced materials
  • Sustainable manufacturing
  • Green buildings
  • Agriculture & food production
  • Water
  • Circular economy & waste
  • Smart cities
  • Others
  • Industry 4.0 & digital manufacturing solutions;
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Xaas (everything as a Service)
  • Transportation & logistics
  • SpaceTech
  • Data economy
  • Mobile, Telco & 5G,
  • Cloud infrastructure and services
  • B2B software solutions
  • Fintech & InsureTech;
  • Others
  • Consumer products and services,
  • Lifestyle
  • Food & beverage
  • Sportech
  • Gaming & entertainment
  • Retail, e-commerce, DTC
  • Tourism and cultural heritage
  • Social innovations
  • Others




Discover the stories and experiences of the teams of professors and researchers who participated in the previous editions of Switch2Product. What did they learn? How has their vision of entrepreneurship changed? They have some valuable advice for you!


Discover the stories and experiences of the teams of students that participated in the previous editions of Switch2Product. What did they expect? What did they achieve by participating in the programme? They have some valuable advice for you!



Set up your account

Fill in the application form as carefully as you can. You can save a draft and alter the information later. Send in your application once you have finish completing the form. Remember, this is your chance to stand out from the crowd. Among so many projects and inventors, you can’t give a good “first impression” a second time!


Team selezionati

Idea Development & Pitch Workshop​

The teams behind the first 90 ideas selected can attend our Idea Development & Pitch Workshop, designed to help the teams develop their idea and build an effective pitch.
For them, it’s the opportunity to present their project to the selection committees, which will choose the best 45 from among these 90. 



Innovation Boost Program​

These 45 projects will join PoliHub’s Innovation Boost Program, a process of training and empowerment designed to assess the idea’s technological and business potential, and set out a positive and solid development plan, focusing especially on business models, intellectual property, financials and pitch presentations.



Award Ceremony e
Programma di accelerazione

Our S2P Selection Panel will choose up to 25 finalist projects. The best projects in each category will be awarded grants from Politecnico and S2P Partners.

PoliHub will propose that teams participate in the accelerator programme, customised on the basis of the relevant industries. The programme lasts four months and is organised by PoliHub, TTO and Deloitte, with support from dedicated mentors and experts. At the end of the programme, there will be a final Demo Day with a panel of investors.